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adblue delete and stage 1 remap

Adblue Delete and Stage 1 Remap Porsche Macan

Original BHP
258 BHP
Remap BHP
326 BHP
BHP Increase
+68 BHP
Original Torque
580 Nm
Remap Torque
683 Nm
Torque Increase
+103 Nm

We were contacted by this customer asking if we could help him with his car. He had complaints of an Adblue fault which had caused the car to go into a none start countdown.

With our remapping service we are able to do this mobile, we travel up to a 150-200 mile radius.

Adblue Deletes are becoming more common as the working parts within the system become blocked when the Adblue liquid crystalises causing the pump and sensors to fail. As in this case the car then begins a countdown from 500 miles to where once that has run out it wont start until the broken part is replaced. This customer had been quoted £3000 for a new Adblue system.

Cars do not need a working Adblue system to run correctly. We were able to perform a Adblue  Delete removing any related software and  diagnostic trouble codes from the engine control unit meaning the car will now run without the need of the Adblue system.

The customer was very happy with this as we had saved him thousands in repair costs. He also decided to have us install a stage 1 performance remap while we were there, giving increased power and MPG and an overall improved driving experience.

Before and After Stage 1 Remap

porsche macan remap print outRemap Customer Feedback

"I can't believe the difference in the car! very happy with the results."

John P


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