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stage 1 remap with adblue delete for porsche cayenne 4.2 v8

Stage 1 Remap with Adblue Delete for Porsche Cayenne 4.2 V8

Original BHP
353 BHP
Remap BHP
450 BHP
BHP Increase
+97 BHP
Original Torque
850 Nm
Remap Torque
950 Nm
Torque Increase
+100 Nm

Project Remaps was contacted by a concerned customer who had been experiencing persistent Adblue faults in their vehicle. These faults had triggered a countdown mechanism, threatening to shut down the car once it reached 150 miles. Adding to their worries, the customer had received a staggering repair quote of over £3000 from Porsche to rectify the issue.

We swiftly addressed the customer's concerns with a comprehensive solution. The key components of our intervention included:

  1. Adblue Software Removal: We effectively eliminated the problematic Adblue software, thereby resolving the countdown issue and eradicating any associated warning lights. This vital step restored peace of mind for the customer, averting the imminent shutdown threat.
  2. Custom Stage 1 Performance Tune: While servicing the vehicle, Project Remaps went a step further by incorporating our proprietary stage 1 performance tune. This tailor-made enhancement added an impressive 65bhp (bringing the total to 450bhp) and an extra 100nm of torque (reaching 950nm). This marked a significant improvement in the car's overall performance and drivability.
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