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Stage 1 Remaps

Fine-tune your car with a stage 1 remap

  • Certified tuning and remapping specialists
  • Boosted performance & efficiency
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stage 1 remap west yorkshire
stage 1 remaps west yorkshire

Improve your car’s performance

If you’ve ever wondered if your car’s engine had more to give, Project Remaps can give you an answer. Our ECU Stage 1 remapping service is perfect for drivers who long for a bit more power from their engine, as well as providing more fuel-efficiency. Maybe you are after a bit of both?

By overriding the manufacturer’s factory settings, we fine-tune your car’s engine. This allows for more power to be released and improves your car’s performance by more than 35%. A Stage 1 remap will easily increase BHP (brake horsepower) and torque as well as giving you more miles per gallon (MPG).
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Innovative technology
We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best results for your car.
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Industry experts
Our 10+ years in the industry speaks for itself, offering a wealth of experience.
ECU Remapping Cost
Mobile stage 1 remaps
We provide complete convenience. Have your remap done at your home or workplace.
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Complete peace of mind
With over 5,000 satisfied customers, you can be assured of a quality service.

Trust Project Remaps for reliable and effective stage 1 remaps

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Latest Reviews
  • "Absolutely excellent job on my Audi TT, it's a completely different car. Thanks for a superb job of work. Top rated 5 stars."
    Bill Gibbons on Facebook
  • "Just had my E400 done, very happy with the results. 
    Fantastic service and a genuinely nice guy!"
    Ben Robson on Facebook
  • "Just want to thank Joe for comming out to my place and doing stage one remapping on my van. Very very happy with the result. Very professional service and fast response. Thank you."
    Mark Kovago on Facebook
  • "Excellent service and our motorhome runs like a dream. 
    Thank you so much."
    Rachel Stowell on Facebook
  • "Had my Mercedes c180 mapped by Joe on Saturday, cracking fella and the difference in my car is unbelievable, thanks Joe"
    Mick O'shaughnessy on Facebook
  • Great company to use with friendly staff! Definitely recommend using them! Thanks Joe! A+
    Stuart Elliott on Facebook
  • Top guy great value and proper good job look no further for your remapping needs 😃
    Ian Michael Slack on Facebook
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What to expect from a stage 1 remap

Are you interested in fine-tuning the performance of your vehicle’s engine? Simply input your vehicle registration or make and model in our remap checking tool to instantly see the improvements you can expect. If you want to go ahead, request a call back and we’ll get in touch to explain our services and the costs before scheduling a date.

With our mobile remapping service, we’ll come directly to you whenever suits best. The whole operation should take under two hours. This includes a pre- and post-diagnostic review, with map and code checks, and a final test drive to ensure your vehicle remap is 100% successful.

That’s not all. At Project Remaps, all of our car remappingvan remapping and HGV remapping software is backed by a comprehensive customer service guarantee and a warranty as standard. That means you can enjoy complete peace of mind that our work is tip top, now and in the future.
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Stage 1 remaps FAQ's

Read answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

What’s the difference between stage 1, 2 and 3?

Each stage is focused on the ultimate goal of increasing performance and fuel efficiency for your vehicle. In stage 1, software alone is used to adjust your car’s settings to increase the BHP, torque and MPG.

Stage 2 adds to stage 1 with more ECU tweaks while upgrading a few vehicle components – typically the exhaust, induction kit and intercooler. Replacing these parts gives a huge increase in performance without affecting fuel efficiency.

Lastly, stage 3 builds on stage 2 with even more upgraded components and ECU adjustments to guarantee that all-important power boost. It will depend on the type of car and engine which hardware needs upgrading. Usually, it can involve the fuel injectors, turbocharger, fuel pump and engine’s internals.

Find out more in our comparison of stage 1, 2 and 3 remaps.

What cars can you work with?

We are able to provide remapping services for over 14,000 vehicles. We work with a huge range of brands, including high-quality cars from manufacturers such as Mercedes, Tesla and Porsche, to ensure owners are getting optimal performance.

If you are interested in an ECU remap, contact us and we will confirm if the make and model of your vehicle are covered.

Can a stage 1 remap be reversed?

The short answer is yes. It is 100% possible for the software to be reversed when it comes to drivability and performance. However, you need to be aware that if you come to sell it, dealers will usually be able to spot trace markers that it’s been remapped.

Will Stage 1 remapping damage my car’s engine?

Stage 1 remapping is incredibly safe and unlikely to damage your vehicle’s engine. Manufacturers build significant tolerances into most cars, often reusing parts from higher-end vehicles to assist durability. Many vehicles with Stage 1 tunes live long and happy lives. However, we can talk to you about the risks if you feel concerned about the effects of remapping.

How much horsepower does Stage 1 remapping add?

Stage 1 remapping could increase your vehicle’s total power output by 10-25%. However, this figure will vary between models, manufacturers, and model years. (We will explain this to you before you give us the go-ahead). One of our vehicles saw a greater than 25 per cent increase in performance after a remap. Check out our remap calculator to see how much horsepower you could add to your car. 

Is it worth getting a Stage 1 remap?

We certainly think so. Getting a Stage 1 remap sets your vehicle up for more significant performance gains in the future if you choose a Stage 2 remap or beyond. Stage 1 remap shifts the power of your motorcar to peak power, losing you some low-end performance but boosting the overall performance significantly.

Is a Stage 1 remap expensive?

Stage 1 remapping is inexpensive because the main cost is the tune-shop’s time. Because of this, it is an exceptionally popular way to increase a vehicle’s performance. Get a quote from us today.  

Can I do a Stage 1 remapping myself?

Generally, it is a bad idea to do a Stage 1 remap yourself or get any other amateur to do it. That’s because getting it right requires expert knowledge and professional equipment. If you do a remapping wrong, it could damage the engine or harm your vehicle’s performance.

Does Stage 1 remapping improve fuel efficiency?

Sometimes, remapping can improve fuel efficiency, but it depends on the quality of the tune. Professionally-calibrated engines can run at more efficient operating points, consuming less petrol or diesel and providing a bump in miles-per-gallon

Does Stage 1 remapping improve fuel efficiency?

We can perform Stage 1 remaps on thousands of cars. Use our database to find your vehicle. 

Does remapping increase the value of a car?

Remapping may increase the value of your car. Buyers are often willing to pay a slight premium for professionally modified vehicles that provide them with the performance they crave. However, individuals looking for regular, unmodified cars won’t usually pay more.

How can you tell if a car has been remapped already?

Some remapping services leave stickers on the ECU, indicating a prior tuning. However, the level of information these convey varies considerably, making it harder to know a car’s history. In many cases, there is no evidence at all. The only way to find out if a remapping happened in the past is to access the ECU and see if its parameters differ from the manufacturer’s default.

Is remapping the same as chipping?

Remapping and chipping are not the same. Remapping changes the software your car’s ECU uses to run, while chipping involves changing the physical hardware. It’s the difference between installing a new program on your PC and building a new one from scratch.

Will a stage 1 remap void a car’s warranty?

It is worth bearing in mind that in most cases, engine remapping will invalidate a car’s warranty.

What areas do you cover?

With our mobile remapping service we cover all of West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. If you would like your vehicle remapped, drop us a message with your car make and model and your location. We will then be able to give you a price and let you know if this an area we cover before getting you booked in.
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