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This customer had been quoted over £2000 by BMW to repair a faulty AdBlue pump and tank. His car was also in a non-start state with warning lights illuminated on the dashboard. This repair is costly and not guaranteed to last, as once AdBlue systems begin to fail, it becomes an ongoing problem due to the crystallisation of the AdBlue additive within the system, causing issues throughout all working parts.

We were able to resolve this issue with our AdBlue delete service. This service removes the AdBlue software and all related faults, eliminating any further AdBlue problems. All warning lights are extinguished, and the non-start state is deactivated. After this procedure, the car runs as it should, free from any faults.

This customer contacted us as due to an Adblue fault, his car had gone into shutdown mode and would not start due to the issue.

We were able to diagnose the fault and remove the Adblue software along with the diagnostic trouble codes. Not only did this get the customer back on the road but also saved him huge savings in repair cost that can sometimes be a waste of money with these errors as the fault can always return once parts are replaced.

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