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Remap Calculator

Want to see how a remap could improve your vehicle? Use our simple car remap calculator. Select the brand, model, generation and variant. Our stage 1 remap calculator will show you the potential boost to power (HP) and torque (NM).

There’s no need to sign up or submit any contact details. Our van and car remap calculator is simply here to help you make an informed decision.

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Remap Calculator FAQ's

Read answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

Which vehicles can you remap?

We can remap vans, cars and even tractors to improve their performance on the road. That’s why we provide a truck, van and car remap calculator with manufacturers and models covering all vehicle types. Think Audi and BMW, Ford and Iveco, or even JCB and Caterpillar.

Does the remap calculator include MPG?

If you continue to drive the same way following a remap, your vehicle can become more fuel efficient. But most drivers choose to drive differently to make the most of the improved power and torque. That’s why we don’t offer a remap MPG calculator. Contact our team to discuss how we can improve fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

How accurate is the stage 1 remap calculator?

Because a stage 1 remap doesn’t require any hardware modifications, our car remap calculator is a reliable and accurate estimate of the boosts you can expect. Our team will optimise the settings on your engine control unit, so it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Can I see the gains for a stage 2 remap?

A stage 2 remap calculator is a little more complicated, as this process involved upgrading components as well as adjusting the vehicle’s software. The components to upgrade vary from engine to engine. To find out more about what’s possible with a stage 2 remap, just get in touch with our team.

What if I want to go beyond stage 1?

That’s absolutely fine! Beyond our stage 1 remap calculator, our team provides stage 2 and stage 3 remaps, so you can take your vehicle further or push it to the limits. We’ll tailor the process to your requirements, replacing OEM parts with aftermarket hardware to match your vehicle, preferences and budget.
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