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adblue delete and stage 1 performance remap for a vw tiguan

Adblue Delete and Stage 1 Performance Remap for a VW Tiguan

Original BHP
150 BHP
Remap BHP
190 BHP
BHP Increase
+40 BHP
Original Torque
320 Nm
Remap Torque
420 Nm
Torque Increase
+100 Nm

Adblue delete and stage 1 performance remap for a VW Tiguan 2017 2L D 150 bhp

This customer contacted us complaining that his car had been to several garages with an Adblue fault. The fault after numerous attempts of repair was still present.<

We managed to clear the fault and dash warnings with our Adblue software delete.

While we were doing this we also included our stage 1 performance tune giving plus 40bhp and 80nm.

Tuned output 190bhp 420nm

Another happy customer!

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