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stage 1 remap

Audi Q5 Stage 1 Performance Remap

Original BHP
258 BHP
Remap BHP
326 BHP
BHP Increase
+68 BHP
Original Torque
580 Nm
Remap Torque
683 Nm
Torque Increase
+103 Nm

Stage 1 Remap For A 2018 Audi Q5  2.0 TFSI 252BHP

We were contacted by this customer asking if we could help improve the performance of his car.

With our mobile remapping service we were able to travel to the customer as he was unable to find the time to come to us with his busy schedule. On arrival the first thing we do is carry out a test drive and then perform a full diagnostics health check. This is to ensure that the car is perfectly heathy with no issues or fault codes before we start tuning.

Once everything is checked and cleared as ok we then proceed with tuning. We retrieve the original stock map from the engine control unit via the onboard diagnostics port and then we rewrite the parameters within the file to increase power giving a fully customised tune specifically for that vehicle. Once we have done this we then rewrite the tuned file back on to the car.

Once the tuned file has been written successfully we then test drive the car once more and also perform another diagnostics health check to ensure all is well after we have carried out the tuning.  Project Remaps stage 1 remap gives a massive 68bhp increase on this Audi Q5 completely transforming the driving experience.

audi q5 stage 1 remapping


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