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stage 1 remap

Mercedes Benz A180 CGI Remap in Manchester

Original BHP
122 BHP
Remap BHP
175 BHP
BHP Increase
+53 BHP
Original Torque
200 Nm
Remap Torque
310 Nm
Torque Increase
+110 Nm

Stage 1 Remap for a 2013 Mercedes Benz A180 Blue Efficiency SE

We were contacted by this customer asking if we could help her with her car, she was unsure as we are not based in her area.

With our mobile remapping service we are able to come directly to the customer. We travel up to a 50-60 mile radius sometimes so this job in Leeds was no problem at all.

On arrival the customer advised us she would like more power but also told us that her current mpg was also very poor and wanted to know if the remap would help and also would it be safe for her car.

We advised her that a stage 1 remap would not only increase power but it would also increase fuel economy, the remap does this by making certain engine components work harder than others giving a smoother more efficient power increase, i.e the fuel injectors will stay open for longer rather than working faster and the turbo will engage earlier.

As regards to safety, all cars leave the manufacturer under tuned, this is to minimise the wear of the engine to make the cars last as long as  possible and to minimise faults during warranty time. This acts as a fail-safe for the manufacturers as they do not know what sort of driving their cars will undertake, high mileage or low and aggressive or normal driving.

A stage 1 remap takes your car to its natural power potential and will not cause any issues, our remaps also come with a lifetime warranty.

We then proceeded with the remap with no issues, the customer was very happy and soon reported afterwards that her mpg had risen dramatically from 29.7mpg to 37.1mpg.

Before/ After Stage 1 Remap

mercedes benz a180 cgi remap in manchester 2

Remap Customer Feedback

"Absolutely made up with the results that Joe has got from my car, the extra power and fuel saving is brilliant! will definitely be using him again."

Lindsay, Leeds

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