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6 ways to improve mpg for diesel & petrol vehicles

6 Ways to Improve MPG for Diesel & Petrol Vehicles

With fuel still eye-wateringly expensive, it’s no surprise that drivers want to increase how many miles they get for each gallon of petrol or diesel.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at miles-per-gallon figures and list six ways you can improve your vehicle’s MPG on the road.

MPG figures vs real-world driving

All cars come with an MPG rating. But you’ll rarely get the same efficiency when you’re out on the road. That’s because of how vehicles are tested.

The NEDC test simulates different elements of driving across a 20-minute period, including acceleration, braking and idling. That said, there are a few things it doesn’t take into account:

  • Everything is turned off other than the engine, including lights, air-con and windscreen wipers.
  • The car is empty with no luggage, passengers or even driver.
  • The test simulates a flat road with no hills affecting MPG.
  • There are no full stops and starts like traffic lights, which use more fuel.
  • There’s also no wind or other weather to affect fuel consumption.
  • Finally, the lab is kept at an ideal temperature of 20-30°C, which is rarely the case in the UK!

6 MPG-boosting tips

1. Drive smoothly

You use more fuel when you accelerate harshly. And you’ll waste fuel whenever you brake quickly. Accelerating and decelerating smoothly can avoid this – and anticipation is the key. Keep an eye on the road a little further ahead of you. That way, you can gradually slow down if there’s traffic or a red light, rather than accelerating only to brake soon after.

2. Remove excess weight

It’s tempting to leave stuff in your car or van, but it could be impacting your MPG and costing you money. Whether it’s an accumulation of tools from odd jobs at work or your camping gear from your last trip away, removing excess weight will improve your MPG going forward.

3. Use cruise control

Cruise control is standard on most modern vehicles. But it doesn’t just make driving easier. By keeping your vehicle at the right speed, it will optimise your MPG by using just the right amount of fuel.

4. Check your tyre pressure

Underinflated tyres add more resistance. To counteract that, your vehicle will need to use more fuel. Keeping your tyres at the recommended pressure will distribute weight evenly and keep your MPG at its best.

5. Drive in a higher gear

Lower gears provide more power for acceleration. But once you’ve got that out of the way, it’s best to drive in the highest gear possible while staying within the speed limit. This is another simple way to increase MPG with manual vehicles.

6. Get a remap

Did you know that ECU remapping can improve your MPG? At Project Remaps, we can fine-tune your engine control unit to manage airflow, sensors and fuel injection for maximum fuel efficiency.

As long as you continue to drive in the same way, you’ll notice an improvement to your vehicle’s MPG. Sound good? Book your ECU remap with our mobile team today or call us on 07377 938 688 to find out more.

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