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will ecu remapping improve my mpg?

Will ECU Remapping Improve My MPG?

Fuel prices seem like they’re always going up, so it’s only natural that you want to improve your car’s miles-per-gallon (MPG) to get more bang for your buck. In this post, we’ll discuss whether ECU remapping can improve your MPG and save you money on each mile.

How remapping can improve MPG

The good news is that – yes – ECU remapping can improve your car’s MPG. The process involves retuning your engine control unit (ECU) to improve performance. In many cases, performance refers to how the car drives – its power and torque. But it can also cover performance in terms of fuel efficiency.

ECU remapping can be used to manage fuel injection, airflow and sensors within the car, with a view to maximising fuel efficiency. There are also a few ways in which more powerful cars become more fuel-efficient thanks to ECU remapping…

Overtaking is easier with a more responsive engine, for example, meaning that fewer gear changes are needed. That can reduce fuel consumption given that higher gears use less fuel, and you won’t need to drop to lower gears to increase torque.

But that’s not always the case

Despite what we’ve said above, there’s a widely held belief that remapping makes your MPG worse. That was one of the five remapping myths we dispelled in a previous blog post, but it hasn’t come about without a reason.

In truth, your MPG can go down after remapping, but it’s not directly down to the ECU remap. Because remapping provides extra power and responsiveness, some people change the way they drive to make the most of these benefits.

As you would expect, putting your foot down to feel how powerful and responsive your car is, will cause the MPG to drop.

Remapping & MPG – the verdict

To summarise, the link between remapping and MPG depends on what you want from the car and, in turn, how you drive it.

An ECU remap can improve your car’s MPG if you drive the same way you did before the remap. Even better, you can change your driving habits after a remap with a view to improving the MPG even more.

On the flipside, drivers looking for a remap to improve power – and who drive in a way to enjoy those benefits the most – won’t see an improvement in MPG. In some cases, you will expectedly see MPG drop a little due to a change in driving style. That said, it can help you enjoy a better driving experience than before with little to no impact on MPG.

Improve your MPG with remapping

If you want to improve your MPG and save money on fuel, Project Remaps can help. Our expert team can complete an ECU remap with MPG in mind and even advise you on the best way to drive afterwards for maximum fuel efficiency.

Want to find out more or arrange a remap for your car? Simply contact us on 07377 938 688 or email [email protected] today.

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